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Corporate Magician

Corporate Magician

Darryl Rose – Member of The Inner Magic Circle

Blue chip corporate companies around the globe have used Darryl’s magic to entertain their staff and clients alike with unique memorable entertainment.
Darryl uses his Corporate Magic skill and humour to grab the attention of your prospective clients. His performance creates action, illusion, interest and he puts life into your corporate stand.
He disguises the “hard sell” technique in a totally un-pressurised and much more relaxed way.
By making your corporate stand shine out from the rest, your investment will be totally cost effective by the improved business Darryl can create.

Darryl can perform at any event, in any disguise for

  1. Cabaret Magic
  2. Training Seminars
  3. Conferences
  4. Product Launches
  5. Gala Dinners
  6. Receptions
  7. Trade shows
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Golf Days
  10. Sporting Events
The Award Winning Corporate Magician has performed across the world from Buckingham Palace to the Sultan’s palace in Brunei with his unique, creative and entertaining magic. He has performed for royalty and rock stars, politicians and public, and his approach to magic has earned him Life Membership of the Magic Circle, together with the honoured position of being a Gold Star Medal recipient and Member of the INNER Magic Circle. The highest Accolade a member can achieve.

Here are strong 10 good reasons for using Darryl’s Corporate Magic skills at your corporate event and the aims of his entertainment…

  1. Attract and capture the attention of your passing clients.
  2. Encourage the clients to stop at your corporate stand by involving them in magical routines.
  3. Reduce tension on your stand by creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  4. Arouse the interest in your corporate product or service.
  5. Increase the attention span of your clients by Corporate Magic
  6. Psychologically highlight your product or service benefits.
  7. Sublimely implant your company name and logo by incorporating it within the magic.
  8. Gain publicity to your stand (The media love special attractions!)
  9. Corporate Magic Improve Public Relations.
  10. Sell more of your products or services with Darryl’s magic.
Darryl will certainly make an impact on your future clients and will enhance your productor service by incorporating your product within the magic.
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